DTG Printing


DTG (aka Direct-to-garment) is a printing method that sprays the ink onto the garment, much like an inkjet printer. The shirts are treated, then the ink is sprayed and then soaks into the fibers of the garment before being cured.

DTG printing allows for more detailed images with more colors than our screen printing services are capable of.

They also make shorter runs with more than 3 colors much more affordable. This also allows us to provide digital samples, and one-off prints.

Remember though, the feel of the shirt will be different than a screen printed shirt, and DTG graphic tend to fade much quicker than a screen printed garment.

We are also much more limited to what kind of items and where we can print on DTG garments.

email INFO@Thisisouterheaven.com for quotes or questions about DTG garments.

Where printed vinyl is primarliy used to make window displays, label and stickers cut vinyl is used to make signs, banners, and car decals.

When it comes to gaments we also use vinyl for heat press transfers. HPT vinyl is very durable and is mainly used for adding names and numbers to jerseys.

We offer a full service of vinyl cutting and printing to help meet any needs you have.


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